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I have been a client of Beemer and Mumma for many years. I became disabled due to an industrial accident and needed assistance to fight through the broken system known as Labor and Industries. During my ordeal, their personnel were always there to defend me. My attorney provides an excellent, private and professional service. Their knowledge of the law is unsurpassed. They have always treated me with dignity and respect, even when I was crabby and in pain. They always took or returned my calls promptly. They always kept me informed as to the progress of my case. I highly recommend their office to anyone in need of help. -Cynthia, Spokane


More than competent-compassionate too. Beemer & Mumma are my mother’s attorneys. At 81 years of age she slipped in a puddle of water while on the job as a bookkeeper. She hit her head and broke her hip, causing catastrophic loss of independence and physical and mental abilities. My mother’s case really didn’t “pencil out” for most attorneys’ bottom line. However, upon hearing Mom’s story, Beemer and Mumma took the case simply “because it’s the right thing to do.” They make next to nothing to represent her. But their compassion and competence are as if she’s a million-dollar client. I highly recommend these sharp-as-a-tack attorneys who once worked for L&I are therefore knowledgeable on the games this governmental insurance agency can play with truly injured and deserving workers.

-Ronna, Spokane


Choosing Beemer & Mumma as my legal representative was one of the most intelligent decisions I have ever made.  I had to have several surgeries over the course of my L&I claim.  L&I stopped my payments several times due to no fault of my own.  Beemer & Mumma’s staff called me several times to check on me to see if I needed anything.  They are completely dedicated to you and a positive outcome to your case.  Beemer & Mumma wants to make the process as easy and stress free for you that they can.  I have worked with two different Attorneys over the course of my case and I can honestly say they both dedicated themselves to my case equally, always giving 110% and so much more.  Each of my attorneys worked tirelessly and with extreme persistence to make sure my payments were reinstated as quickly as possible.  This amazing treatment is not limited to just the Attorney’s representing you but also includes a superior administration staff.  The administrative secretary is always going above and beyond and ensures getting my payments out in the shortest time possible.  If you are searching for the right legal counsel, look no further than Beemer & Mumma. -Tia,Spokane


Why hire an attorney when you can hire an advocate? Because with Beemer & Mumma that is what you get. I was injured on the job and my life was at a standstill because Labor and Industries kept denying my claim. Worse yet, I was not getting the proper medical treatment I needed. When I hired Beemer & Mumma everything changed. They robustly took charge of my case and because of them I was able to work through my medical issues, obtain benefits, receive retraining, and eventually resumed my place in the work force. Don’t take a chance on people that give attorney’s a bad name. Hire an advocate from Beemer & Mumma!  -Michael, Spokane


Very helpful and trustworthy. Made a terrible situation and a stone wall turn into a place I could actually receive help! After having a job site injury and getting almost healed and ready to return to the work force, I was given a prescription medication that I had an adverse reaction to which caused many complications and additional time off work as well as hospitalization. My attorney at Beemer & Mumma worked tirelessly to see that I would be treated fairly.  -Robby, Spokane


My husband was hurt in 2001 and the company fought everything at the 11th hour. Beemer & Mumma’s attorney obtained a widow’s pension for me without going to court. Very honest attorneys. If they tell you something it is the whole truth, not just what you want to hear. -Penny, Colville


Beemer & Mumma has been working on my Labor and Industries claim for the past 6 years. During this time they have made sure that my claim has been dealt with completely and fairly. They have dealt quickly with any discrepancies that Labor and Industry has tried to brush over and ignore, and have obtained the maximum benefits that I am entitled to. They have taken my claim all the way to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. I would highly recommend Beemer & Mumma to anyone who is dealing with the Department of Labor and Industries on a work-related claim.  -Peggy, Spokane


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