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At Beemer & Mumma, we limit our practice to the representation of workers' who are injured or develop occupational diseases during the course of their employment in the State of Washington. Our experienced legal staff is uniquely qualified to aggressively represent your interests and will work hard to obtain for you the benefits you deserve from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries or self-insured Employer.

It is our goal to provide each worker we represent with comfort in the knowledge that your case is important to us, and we will work diligently to prevail on your behalf.


Beemer & Mumma frequently handles workers' compensation cases where a claim has been rejected, or other benefits denied by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries or a self-insured Employer. Our staff provides consistently exceptional legal services to Washington’s injured workers.

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Benefits available to Washington’s injured workers include:

* Reimbursement for medical expenses, including surgery, medications, hospitalization, physical therapy, or other forms of medical treatment.


* Compensation for lost wages and lost health care benefit coverage. Wage reimbursement may be obtained for a worker’s temporary inability to work (time-loss benefits), permanent inability to work (pension benefits), or partial loss of ability to work (loss of earning power benefits).


* Compensation for a permanent loss of physical function (permanent partial disability).


* Vocational retraining services for up to two years at a qualified retraining institution of higher learning.


* Reopening of a claim if the covered condition has become objectively aggravated, resulting in increased disability or the need for further proper and necessary medical treatment.

Regardless of the issue presented, the staff at Beemer & Mumma are qualified and prepared to guide you through the Washington Industrial Insurance system to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled by law.

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